Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ables, Ellen  27 Dec 1916Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I21156 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
2 Ables, Eva  5 Jan 1885Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I13381 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
3 Ables, Floyd Alexander  25 Jan 1898Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I10980 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
4 Ables, Grace Irene  4 Jan 1921Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I10983 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
5 Ables, Hershel  6 Apr 1912Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5903 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
6 Ables, James Lester  18 May 1907Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I6799 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
7 Ables, James Malcus  28 Feb 1938Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I24332 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
8 Ables, Johnny Floyd  28 Nov 1942Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I24330 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
9 Ables, Lee Vernon  29 Feb 1924Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5913 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
10 Ables, Nina Ruth  23 Jun 1918Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I10996 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
11 Ables, Thomas Howard  1 Feb 1945Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I24320 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
12 Ables, Thomas W.  9 Nov 1948Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I10992 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
13 Ables, Virgil  29 Dec 1913Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I6793 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
14 Adams, Ephraim  Abt 1850Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5254 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
15 Adams, George H.  1 Oct 1864Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5259 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
16 Adams, Ida J.  Abt 1880Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5232 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
17 Adams, Lillian E.  Abt 1878Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5231 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
18 Adams, Mary E.  Abt 1859Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5257 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
19 Adams, Rachel  Abt 1862Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5258 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
20 Adams, Simon  Abt 1853Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5255 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
21 Adams, Tennessee  27 Feb 1856Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5256 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
22 Alexander, Anne  15 Jul 1884Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5770 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
23 Alexander, Chester Fields  8 Aug 1900Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5765 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
24 Alexander, Clarence  17 Jan 1892Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5762 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
25 Alexander, Conrad Eugene  3 Mar 1929Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I7354 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
26 Alexander, Courtland Roosevelt  3 Jul 1906Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5767 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
27 Alexander, Creed Bates  7 Dec 1897Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5764 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
28 Alexander, Daily C.  Abt 1906Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I14630 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
29 Alexander, Elizabeth Resign  Abt 1882Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5769 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
30 Alexander, George Robert  14 Jan 1888Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I16677 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
31 Alexander, Gordon Lee  30 Mar 1922Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5757 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
32 Alexander, Julia Louise  11 Jul 1919Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5776 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
33 Alexander, Kenneth Raymond  10 Oct 1894Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5759 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
34 Alexander, Lela Ressie  13 Nov 1904Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5766 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
35 Alexander, Mabel Marie  4 Nov 1909Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5754 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
36 Alexander, Myrtle Evelyn  17 Aug 1902Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5753 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
37 Alexander, Ruby  17 Sep 1927Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I20537 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
38 Alexander, Teddy Eugene  20 Oct 1944Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I10477 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
39 Alexander, Verdon Earl  5 Apr 1896Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5763 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
40 Alexander, William Albert  9 Feb 1886Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5771 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
41 Bean, Allen Albert  7 Dec 1946Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I25166 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
42 Bean, James A.  18 May 1856Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I6222 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
43 Bean, Lizzie L.  11 Nov 1896Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I13122 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
44 Bean, Mexie  9 Sep 1884Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I6230 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
45 Bean, Sara Louise  9 May 1854Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I217 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
46 Bean, William Hamilton  15 Dec 1833Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I218 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
47 Beene, Otis McKinley  4 Dec 1927Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I4135 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
48 Bell, Granville James  18 Nov 1918Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I13079 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
49 Bell, Lonnie Edwin  10 Jul 1927Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I13082 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
50 Bell, Raymond Andrew  29 Jan 1921Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I13080 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ida  21 Jun 1935Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I2332 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
2 Lelia  20 Jan 1965Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I9912 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
3 Lillie M.  12 Oct 1935Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I12748 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
4 Violet S.  30 Dec 1967Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I2273 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
5 Ables, Floyd Alexander  19 May 1923Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I10979 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
6 Ables, Grace Irene  5 May 1923Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I10983 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
7 Ables, Jackie Lee  5 Aug 1919Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I13380 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
8 Ables, James Christopher  9 May 1928Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5896 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
9 Ables, James Lester  18 Sep 1952Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I6799 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
10 Ables, John David  1 Mar 1914Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5907 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
11 Ables, Joseph  6 Nov 1936Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5905 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
12 Ables, Nina Ruth  25 Jun 1918Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I10996 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
13 Ables, Phoebe M.  Oct 1918Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5899 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
14 Ables, Virgil  7 Nov 1936Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I6793 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
15 Ables, Walter J.  1955Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5898 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
16 Ables, William David  19 Oct 1956Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I6788 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
17 Adams, Amy Elizabeth  11 Oct 1936Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I6792 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
18 Adams, George H.  6 Aug 1947Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5259 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
19 Alexander, Anne  6 Jun 1914Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5770 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
20 Alexander, Clarence  25 Mar 1896Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5762 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
21 Alexander, Courtland Roosevelt  10 Oct 1910Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5767 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
22 Alexander, George Robert  15 Mar 1889Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I16677 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
23 Alexander, Lela Ressie  4 Feb 1907Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5766 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
24 Alexander, Thomas Andrew  12 May 1942Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5760 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
25 Alexander, William Albert  18 Oct 1959Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I5771 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
26 Bean, James A.  27 Dec 1910Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I6222 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
27 Bean, Mexie  29 Jan 1892Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I6230 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
28 Bean, Sara Louise  5 Apr 1930Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I217 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
29 Bean, William Hamilton  16 Dec 1909Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I218 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
30 Bedinger, Margaret E.  30 Sep 1895Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I15818 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
31 Bell, Raymond Andrew  9 Jun 1950Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I13080 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
32 Blacker, Betty Mae  12 Jun 1931Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I13584 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
33 Bryant, Celia  28 Dec 1875Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I153 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
34 Bryant, Mary E.  5 Aug 1862Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I156 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
35 Byerley, Melissa Tennessee  29 Apr 1948Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I21454 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
36 Card, Charles Parker  28 Oct 1907Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I584 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
37 Card, Creed Allison  9 Jul 1948Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I11618 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
38 Card, Edna M.  20 May 1940Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I18802 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
39 Card, Edward Shannon  3 Apr 1877Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I607 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
40 Card, George Edward Shannon  20 Aug 1878Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I18134 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
41 Card, Georgia McDonald  1911Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I18807 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
42 Card, Lewis Audley  16 Mar 1963Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I9766 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
43 Card, Nancy Marian  1 Jul 1959Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I606 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
44 Card, Rachel Francis  16 May 1860Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I9804 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
45 Card, Walter Clifford  21 Aug 1899Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I18806 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
46 Card, Warren Leslie  11 May 1958Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I605 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
47 Card, William Grafton  1921Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I1993 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
48 Carden, Carrie  1934Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I4871 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
49 Carden, Rev Hiram  11 Jun 1922Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I3871 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
50 Carden, James R.  1964Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I4870 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blacker, Elma Gertrude  29 Apr 1914Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I13583 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
2 Cummings, Charles  6 Jul 1923Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I18487 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
3 Flippo, Mary Elizabeth  27 Mar 1934Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I13869 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
4 Gothard, Ulysses  22 May 1938Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I7075 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
5 Lewis, Samuel Jackson  12 Dec 1927Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I10542 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
6 Manning, Nora Etta  28 May 1920Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I1142 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
7 McDonald, James Andrew  26 Aug 1921Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I17372 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
8 Moses, Aldine  7 Jan 1919Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I18604 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
9 Moses, Ethel  6 Jan 1919Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I18603 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
10 Perrin, Alice M.  25 Jan 1928Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I17736 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
11 Perrin, Henry A.  22 Feb 1934Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I17726 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
12 Renfro, Amos  17 Jul 1921Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I12758 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
13 Shadwick, William Arnold  23 Jun 1920Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I13161 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
14 Stout, Mary Ann  20 Sep 1914Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I15432 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
15 West, Infant  18 Apr 1921Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee I6773 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Condra / Poe  1835Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee F153 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
2 Smith / Davis  25 Jan 1939Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee F2631 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
3 Windham / Poe  1837Daisy, Hamilton County, Tennessee F152 Soddy-Daisy-Roots