Rossville, Walker County, Georgia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Fleming, Linda Mae  24 Jun 1936Rossville, Walker County, Georgia I25673 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Margaret Hazel  27 Aug 1991Rossville, Walker County, Georgia I3938 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
2 Abernathy, James Gary  Rossville, Walker County, Georgia I4987 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
3 Ferry, Mary Katherine  6 Sep 2014Rossville, Walker County, Georgia I21004 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
4 Games, Fred  May 1984Rossville, Walker County, Georgia I1564 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
5 Gannaway, Mary Marie  12 Sep 2009Rossville, Walker County, Georgia I23809 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
6 Gilreath, Zella Mae  16 Nov 2003Rossville, Walker County, Georgia I10984 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
7 Good, William George  Mar 1976Rossville, Walker County, Georgia I4849 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
8 Gore, Berta Lucille  2 Jul 1979Rossville, Walker County, Georgia I25366 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
9 McAfee, Lewellyn Arthur  3 Jun 1976Rossville, Walker County, Georgia I11801 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
10 Moses, Marjorie Jane  3 May 2017Rossville, Walker County, Georgia I19640 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
11 Pack, Clinton  27 May 2001Rossville, Walker County, Georgia I3919 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
12 Penney, Joseph Isom  11 Nov 1966Rossville, Walker County, Georgia I3850 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
13 Petty, Claude Laverne  9 Jan 2014Rossville, Walker County, Georgia I5513 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
14 Settles, Bessie Marie  Jan 1988Rossville, Walker County, Georgia I24463 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
15 Stephenson, William Jennings  1 Jul 1984Rossville, Walker County, Georgia I5526 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
16 Sutherland, Hazel L.  26 Dec 2003Rossville, Walker County, Georgia I25514 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
17 Swafford, Aaron  18 Jul 1911Rossville, Walker County, Georgia I25611 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Gardner / Jenkins  6 Jan 1942Rossville, Walker County, Georgia F762 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
2 Green / Jenkins  21 Jul 1935Rossville, Walker County, Georgia F761 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
3 Jenkins / Smith  4 Oct 1938Rossville, Walker County, Georgia F759 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
4 Penney / Shadwick  12 Apr 1941Rossville, Walker County, Georgia F1705 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
5 Poe / Smith  5 Aug 1948Rossville, Walker County, Georgia F1143 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
6 Purser / Varner  4 Jan 1936Rossville, Walker County, Georgia F3400 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
7 Roberts / Jenkins  Jun 1941Rossville, Walker County, Georgia F1558 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
8 Schwenk / Brumlow  Rossville, Walker County, Georgia F2280 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
9 Waller / Stephenson  5 Jan 1950Rossville, Walker County, Georgia F2469 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
10 Whalen / Duran  15 Apr 1934Rossville, Walker County, Georgia F591 Soddy-Daisy-Roots